Suspension insights

Here we have a clear CAD rendering of the leaning front suspension in what appears to be an early version of the Aprilia Magnet concept. The one thing I couldn’t figure out 100% in looking at previous photos and video was just what exactly the struts attached to. It seemed clear that they attach to each other, but I knew there was a pivot in there somewhere. Looks pretty simple now that I can see all the components. Can’t wait to model this. I’m really curious how I’m going to source the upper and lower ball joints and spindle assembly. Might require some custom machining in the end. Hope not. The less of that I have to do the better.

Yet another tilting trike

@DuncanWilson sent me another great tilting trike video! This one has a close up of the lean locking mechanism, which is exactly along the lines of what I’d envisioned forProject Streetliner. I’m thinking a foot pedal that locks the lean on demand and a hand-lever (much like a parking brake) to keep it locked when desired. Looks like that’s a pretty universal approach.

The Mercedes-Benz F 300 Life-Jet

Via¬†Gizmag, this Mercedes Benz concept vehicle is trying a little too hard to be a car. Such an odd thing to come out of MB. As neither a cabin motorcycle nor a proper car, the balance point is pretty unappealing in my opinion. Perhaps I’m self-referencing too much, but it seems like the kind of person who’d be interested in a 3 wheeler is either looking for fun, style, or crazy economy. This doesn’t seem to offer any of those. Very interesting to see how they approach the front suspension and rear swing arm, however. I also wonder if the lean is computer controlled. That’s always my suspicion when I see a traditional steering wheel in one of these vehicles. Something tells me they’re not counter-steering.

Robert just sent me this via Facebook

This vehicle uses a motorized leaning system to sort of idiot-proof it. That’s one of the many things that I really want to avoid. It’s also horrendously expensive. I don’t mind if my vehicle isn’t completely intuitive to drive in the end. Scooters aren’t! Needing some basic driving skill to operate the vehicle is half the fun if you ask me.