Design Concept Beta in Foam

I spent some time today knocking up a quick shape study in floral foam to get a sense for the new shape in 3D. Really like it so far. Want to do a larger version over top of my prototype chassis when the time comes.

3 thoughts on “Design Concept Beta in Foam”

  1. The front end is kinda Lotus 7 – there are a handfull of places selling body kits for Lotus 7 builders, each one has a slightly different take on the Lotus 7 nose available for $200-250, the right nose could jumpstart your shape and save you way more than $200-250 of your time. Before I was planning a non-tilter & my body angled out toward the ground, now that I’m gonna be tilting w/ the Unisport I’m starting to think about skinny bodies.

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