Happy Birthday Project Streetliner!

My website domain just renewed today, which means that this website (and by extension, this project) is essentially one year old today. I’ve never had a personal project of this kind of grand scope before, and certainly not one where a year of planning and concepting still isn’t quite enough. Yet here we are, a year in and a thousand ideas later. The idea has evolved a great deal in one year. The finish line got bumped to 2012. The scooter engine and CVT gearbox is now an ATV engine with a 5-speed and reverse. The aesthetic has come a long way too. Just look at where this started and where it is now in the renderings.

From this:


To this:

More than anything it’s been a great year of collaboration. This would not be the design it is today without YOUR input. So a big thanks to everybody who has gotten involved with ideas, observations and enthusiasm.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Project Streetliner!”

  1. Coincidentally, today is my birthday as well.
    So, for my birthday next year I’d like a pic of the finished product please. 🙂

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