Renewed vigor

Every few weeks I get an email out of the blue from someone expressing their appreciation for something I’m working on. Lately it’s been my writing over at the Bluecat Motors blog that people are responding to. That’s meant a lot to me as what I’ve been doing with BCM is something I’m really proud of. Most of the emails I get here at Project Streetliner are along the lines of “I was thinking the same thing!” That’s exciting and I love getting those messages from people. 

Just recently, I got another such message from a fellow called Russ. He’s had similar ideas and appreciates where this design has come to, and inquired about the possibility of a future Streetliner kit. While a kit isn’t a particular aspiration of mine for this project, the conversation we had via email inspired me to do a little update here.

While the lights have been dim here at Project Streetliner for a few months, I’ve been doing a lot of things that support this project. Specifically, I’ve been working on and off as a mechanic’s apprentice down at Bluecat Motors. I write for their blog, and in return, they’re helping me become more than just a recreational mechanic. I also spent a year working for an actual product development firm helping to bring actual products to market. I understand now — more than I could have ever known when I kicked this off — how unprepared I was to take this one when I started. That said though, I feel like with the knowledge I have now, I can actually really get started on this project. 

Direct work on Streetliner is still several months away, but I’m going to keep the concept finalization moving forward. I have no fewer than three motorcycle projects that need to be completed before any work on Streetliner starts. But the upside is that these motorcycle projects will help to prepare me for fabrication. I’ve also got a line on a building space. Details to come later. Stay tuned.

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