Component list

So here’s a preliminary components list of everything each assembly is going to need. Enjoy.

Wheel Assembly Front (left and right)
-brake rotor
-brake caliper
-brake line
-brake pads
-steering arm (with hub/axle/bearing receiver)
-wheel bearings
-upper pivot assembly
-lower pivot assembly
-upper pivot bearings
-lower pivot bearings
-upper ball joint
-lower ball joint

Front suspension (left and right)
-upper swing arm
-lower swing arm
-upper swing arm pivot bearings
-lower swing arm pivot bearings
-center pivot shock mount arm assembly
-center pivot shock mount arm bearings (upper/lower)
-front suspension sub-frame assembly w/mounting hardware (including radiator mount points)
-shocks w/mounting hardware
-steering arms left/right
-steering column terminal assembly
-tilt lock rotor
-tilt lock caliper/pads
-tilt lock mounting assembly (on center pivot shock mount arm assembly)
-tilt lock hydraulic line

Safety cage / main chassis
-main hoop w/engine sub-frame mounting points and firewall
-secondary hoop
-tertiary hoop w/front suspension sub-frame mounting points
-roll bars
-door assembly
-door hinges w/hardware
-door latch/release assembly w/hardware
-seat mounting point assembly
-belt mounting point assembly

Body shell
-mounting point assemblies and hardware
-body shell panels
-radiator intake opening assembly
-latch assemblies for access panels and boot
-window assemblies (frames and canopy plastic)
-window latches and hardware
-windshield w/frame pieces and roof panel
-boot structure

-carpets or other lining material
-seat and mounting hardware
-safety harness and mounting hardware
-dashboard assembly
-steering column
-handlebar mounting assembly
-left controls (clutch, blinkers, hi/low beam, horn, grip)
-right controls (throttle, start, kill switch, hazard lights)
-foot pedal for rear brake
-rear brake master cylinder
-foot tilt lock pedal
-tilt lock master cylinder
-tilt lock locking mechanism and actuator
-parking brake actuator
-interior insulation panels (front bucket, sides, floor, door, ceiling)
-gages (speed, tach, temp, volts)
-12V accessory port(s)
-dome light and switch
-shifter pedal
-reverse selector

-wiring harness
-front headlight(s)
-front blinkers
-rear blinkers
-tail light(s)
-rear camera
-rear camera display
-side mirror camera(s)
-side mirror display(s)
-iPad mount / charging dock
-interior environmental controls
-interior blower fans

-the engine itself
-engine mounting tabs and hardware
-front and rear sprocket
-drive chain
-ignition components
-radiator hoses
-cooling fan
-fuel tank
-fuel pump?
-heat exchanger, air box, blower (for cabin heater)
-engine sub-frame
-exhaust pipe and silencer

Rear suspension
-rear swing arm
-rear shocks
-rear brake rotor
-rear brake caliper
-rear brake line
-rear inner fender
-rear rim
-rear tire

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