Design Concept Alpha

Streetliner Alpha Design in Illustrator

With some playing in Illustrator, I’ve refined the shapes and am even more in love with this design. I added the headlights (only one visible) and both turn indicators and running lights into the wheel fairings. The running light/indicator design might be too modern though, so I’m going to keep playing with it. Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas?

4 thoughts on “Design Concept Alpha”

  1. How about a chrome teardrop enclosure for the turn signals that looks something like this.

    You could find a non-LED version, or one with a more old style cover over the LEDs. Could place them on top of the wheel pants, or on the left/right side of the nose just aft of the front grill.

    Also, might consider making the headlights operate all the time to serve as running lights so you don’t have to have separate hardware for that function.


  2. Link didn’t find it’s mark on amazon for some reason, but the description makes me think of the indicators on the old VW Beatles and how they sat up on top of the fenders. Perhaps a stylized aftermarket bug light would be just the ticket. As for headlights, that’s what I was thinking too – just utilize the scooter wiring set up and have the low-beams on by default whenever the thing is on.

  3. Not sure why the link didn’t work. Worked on my home computer too. Anyway, here’s another version like them except without LEDs.

    Chrome Bullet Market Lights

    And here’s a whole page of “flush mount” signals that remind me of the VW Bug style blinkers you mentioned.

  4. Those worked this time. Both great links. I’m definitely more in the camp of the flush mount solutions, although nesting those teardrop lights down into the surface would be pretty sweet too. Either does seem a little bit more period appropriate.

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