The Streetliner II?

I like to sketch during meetings at work because it actually helps me pay attention to the discussion at hand. Earlier this week, I was thinking about the Streetliner and figured it was time to do a fresh sketch. Where that sketch went was less about my current design, and evolved into something interesting. Something longer, and even more aggressive than my current design. Most importantly, I see this as a two-seat (in tandem) vehicle with lots of windows. I’m thinking a much larger power plant, like that out of a Goldwing, and a fully-enclosed design. With all that I’ll surely learn building the Streetliner, this second generation vehicle ought to be pretty straightforward to create.

3 thoughts on “The Streetliner II?”

  1. When I hear Streamliners I get excited,but your comment about fuel economy,what should I expect.From what I have seen,if it’s a purpose built streamliner,you can double the mileage. A small displacement motor,low resistance tires,gear change,tuning can really get a long way down the road.BMW’s concept the Simple,was very aerodynamic,even with it’s flat panels it pulled down some great number’s 2litres/100Km/117mpg us.In your case,even with the large 6, we probably would both be surprised at the fuel mileage,65 mpg should be easy.How bout the guy with the streamlined 125 Honda,235 mpg.My dream is cruising from NY to LA in comfort on 50 dollars worth of fuel.I will be watching your site,if I can help,just ask.

    from what I have seen

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