The Dezso Molnar flying GyroCycle and a quick update

Saw this over on and there are a lot of interesting things about this project.

  1. It’s garage built
  2. The MkII version is a tilting trike
  3. The MkII weight is around 600 lbs

It’s that last item that is so interesting to me. Here’s a chassis that’s much larger than what I intend to build, and relying on a much larger, heavier motor and it’s coming in near my weight targets for the Streetliner. It’s a fascinating project that has me thinking my weight goals might actually be attainable. That low weight plus streamlined aerodynamics ought to mean some terrific mpg numbers. Then again, I’m only shooting for 65 mpg. Should I be more ambitious?

Meanwhile my skill acquisition continues. In working on one of my motorcycle projects, my GL1100, I’ve recently worked with both light gauge sheet steel and fiberglass for the first time. Both materials have their own unique challenges and capabilities. My three main take aways right now are these:

  1. Working with steel is great because it’s really precise
  2. Fiberglass and Bondo are easier to work with than I ever would have imagined
  3. Carving symmetrical shapes into foam is challenging and good planning and technique can save one a lot of rework and wasted time

With the Streetliner design more or less finalized and more and more of the necessary skills at least acquired in a basic working sense, I’m hoping to start work in earnest sometime next fall. Before that happens, I’ll publish a fully revised design, criteria and will likely reach out for sponsorship. Stay tuned.

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