The Tripendo

The Tripendo tilting recumbent trike is a big influence on my design thinking. Its wheels are set much wider than the Piaggio MP3, which should allow for a more substantial cabin, but seems to limit lean angle. Either way, I imagine that a bicycle-class prototype of my vehicle will likely have a lot in common with the Tripendo. What I have yet to figure out is exactly how the suspension pivots work. I’m going to have to build the geometry in scale before I’ll fully understand it, I bet. I’ve based my sketch template on the seat height and ground clearance of the Tripendo, while stretching the chassis and shrinking wheel sizes from 26″ to 19″ overall (allowing for a standard 14″ maxi-scooter wheel)


Robert just sent me this via Facebook

This vehicle uses a motorized leaning system to sort of idiot-proof it. That’s one of the many things that I really want to avoid. It’s also horrendously expensive. I don’t mind if my vehicle isn’t completely intuitive to drive in the end. Scooters aren’t! Needing some basic driving skill to operate the vehicle is half the fun if you ask me.