New rendering with roof

Nothing big here, just some new details. This rendering shows an adjusted cockpit position, door opening, and A-pillar spread. I’m considering flopping the door to the other side as left side impacts are more common on motorcycles. That would also mean a curb-side exit in the states.

3 thoughts on “New rendering with roof”

  1. Why reinvent the wheel,use what works,BMW’s concept the Clever had a great chassis design,simple aluminum square tubing,welded,hub center steering,the whole vehicle came in at 332 Kg,excellent drag numbers due to the small frontal area,fuel consumption was 188 mpg usa [ you could rivet and bond yours] it did excellent in crash testing[,production version would have used cast,forged front end components making it much stronger]it had about 13 inches of deformation.,with its airbag and seatbelts,it did a great job of protecting the occupants in a 56 mph barrier crash.The single front wheel,allows a much more aerodynamic vehicle,small frontal area,but normal upright seating,unlike your design which adds a larger frontal area,increasing that critical and very important coefficient of drag..You could use a simple tilt for the rear wheels[MP3 or ? Too many people spend way to much time rethinking everything,only to find out it doesn’t work,use what works and just add your own twist to it,you will be much more likely to finish and enjoy your hard work.Driving is much more fun then rebuilding,reengineering everything once a week.just my 2 cents,all the best to you.

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